soonest_mended (soonest_mended) wrote,

I can't get over how hilariously, tear-wringingly, My-Immortal-class HORRIBLE this is.
Tags: holy crap space, unethical behavior, why god why

  • High King

    Fandom: Narnia Pairing: Uh... there's some Peter/Susan and just general all around inappropriate tension Rating: PG-13 (oh my gaaawd call…

  • Fire of Fire

    In your breast, I carry the form The heart of the Earth, and the weapons of warmth Vesuvius, oh, be kind, it hasn't occurred (No, it hasn't…

  • Pear-Zucchini Jam (or pear-courgette jam, furriners)

    It should be noted, first of all, that this is not designed to be canned. It's a good way to use up leftover fruit that will not get ripe. The only…

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